A Bold Business in a Changing World

  • Headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in London and Tel Aviv, we serve a prominent and diverse set of clients, partners and investors who are seeking a truly innovative and internationally sophisticated approach to an increasingly complex global business environment.
  • Fundamental changes in the way business and capital traverse the globe changes such as the rise of Asia, the internationalization of both knowledge and logistics, the preference for customization and flexibility, increasingly tight regulation, and many others—have inspired us to boldly reassess what it means to be an investment bank that acts as a zealous advocate for its clients.
  • From our Asian headquarters and via our international offices, our team is singularly focused on the integration and cross-pollination of the best ideas, and people, from around the world and then putting them in the service of our clients.

We are redefining what it means to be an Investment Bank across all our businesses, and are proud to offer the market a fresh approach in these key areas:

Investment Banking

We work closely with our clients from around the world to ensure exceptional outcomes in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, public and private offerings, restructurings and special situations.

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Merchant Banking

We deploy our merchant banking capital across a full range of industries and asset classes via both our traditional fund vehicles and the creation of Bespoke Funds (special purpose investment vehicles) that allow us to tailor a fund precisely to the requirements of a situation.

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Funds Advisory

We offer institutional investors, family offices and other General Partners an insightful global perspective on the creation of funds, and work with them to seek out both the traditional, high profile sources of capital and the non-traditional investors who allocate to funds.

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We founded Ion Pacific on the premise that a rapidly changing world requires a bold new approach to financial services. From our headquarters in Asia, we have fundamentally reimagined what a financial services firm can do for clients, partners, shareholders and team members.

  • Relentless Advocacy

    We measure our own success by measuring the success of our clients and partners, not by constantly monitoring our own P&L; this is our essence as an independent, conflict-free firm that thinks for the long-term. We are fervent believers in each of our carefully-selected clients and partners, and our mandate at Ion Pacific is to see those we believe in succeed beyond their expectations.
  • Tailored Solutions

    We are focused on highly tailored solutions for our clients that reflect the complexities of modern finance in a global environment; a one-size-fits-all, product-led approach will not, and should not, be presented to any valued client or partner
  • Creativity Foremost

    We push ourselves to think creatively about each and every situation in order to ensure that we have examined it from every angle; our clients and partners rely on us to enhance their results with solutions that may not have been immediately obvious.
  • Global Vision

    We are a multi-national and multi-cultural team that has fully assimilated the global outlook of our headquarters, Hong Kong. Rather than silo our teams by geography and limit our projects to strict borders, we compel ourselves to find global, cross-border solutions. All of our projects are global projects, even if they may not have started that way.
  • Elite but not Elitist

    The Ion Pacific team is an elite team with exceptionally high standards of intellect, creativity and experience, and we are uncompromising about being best-in-class. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to being collegial, to treating our team, our clients and our partners as trusted friends, and to communicating freely and honestly.