Creative Capital is the Spark

  • Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Tel Aviv and London, we invest in the Innovation Economy to help manage the challenges of an increasingly complex global business environment
  • Innovation driven companies and the Investment Community face a host of new challenges ranging from financial to operational to regulatory. We provide the creative thinking, novel solutions and flexible capital that transform these challenges into opportunities
  • From our Asian headquarters and our international offices, our team is singularly focused on integrating the best ideas, and people, from around the world. We are here to put capital and expertise to work as a bridge across markets, cultures and business models

We support the best in Innovation through our fresh approach to Investing and Capital Solutions:


Providing creative and flexible capital to talented entrepreneurs, dynamic companies and like-minded members of the investment community

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Capital Solutions

Offering the Innovation Ecosystem the latest in sophisticated solutions

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Funds Advisory

Presenting GPs a global perspective on fund creation and working with them to build relationships with institutional and family office capital sources

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Ion Pacific is reimagining investment in the Innovation Economy

  • Creativity Foremost

    Every company, every fund, every investment deserves a fresh approach and an open mind
  • Global Vision

    The Innovation Economy is inherently global and cross-border; all projects are global, even if they may not have started that way
  • Diverse Viewpoints

    Innovation on the global stage comes with new perspectives; our multi-national team has the pan-global outlook of our headquarters, Hong Kong
  • Relentless Advocacy

    Capital is only the start of the journey—it’s the partnership that matters most for success
  • Elite but not Elitist

    We start with the highest standards of intellect, creativity and experience, but what really sets us apart is our willingness to roll up our sleeves, honest communication and sense of humor