About Us

  • Special-situation investors in venture capital and growth equity
  • Founded in 2015 by Itamar Har-Even and Michael Joseph, with offices across the US, Europe and Asia
  • Strong heritage of unlocking value for our deal partners while pursuing compelling return potential for our investors
  • Extensive experience originating and executing VC structured secondary transactions globally

Ion Pacific is an early mover and global leader in the field of structured investments in secondary opportunities in the venture-stage technology sector. Our investment objective is to provide far better return-risk potential than is typically found in venture capital. We provide sophisticated, transparent financing structures that help GPs, LPs and founders meet liquidity needs, while enabling our investors to share in the future upside potential of the assets.

Although structured liquidity solutions have been used in other areas of private markets investing for some time, we are among the first firms to bring this approach to the world of venture capital. This affords us the opportunity to be selective and to access the most compelling opportunities. Our deep relationships in the major tech hubs of North America, Europe, Israel, Southeast Asia and beyond, as well as expertise in financial structuring, give us the ability to unlock value for the ecosystem — creating a compelling opportunity for our investors and deal partners alike.