Broad Capabilities, Fresh Approach

Investment Banking

The Ion Pacific team has earned its reputation as a world class provider of Investment Banking services through tireless advocacy of our clients and partners.

We adhere to our Ethos unwaveringly in all our investment banking work: we provide tailored, creative solutions to clients seeking to meet the challenges of a globalized business environment. The range of services we provide includes:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions is now a truly global activity with Asian players both large and small playing an increasingly important role. From our base in Asia, the Ion Pacific team has been at the forefront of this phenomenon and has taken a leadership role in several of the most prominent global deals of the past few years. Our success lies in our devotion to understanding the key differences across regional business cultures—priorities, returns hurdles, financing practice — and bridging these gaps in a way that benefits all parties, especially our clients.

  • We work with our clients and partners to assess, organize and market their capital needs across public and private debt, equity and hybrid instruments. Rather than lead with a highly inflexible set of products, we approach our clients’ needs with fresh eyes each time, ensuring that our approach takes into account the full global range of financial innovation, capital sources and regional preferences. In covering a far broader range of possibilities, we are able to work with our clients to pursue a strategy (or in some cases parallel strategies) that yields the best results for them.

  • In a global environment that is growing ever more complex, there are many situations that simply defy categorization. As a team that prides itself on its intellectual rigor, Ion Pacific thrives in these scenarios. We have worked with our clients to provide robust solutions to these highly complex problems that range from highly structured instruments to SPV/fund formations to distressed situations. In every case we bring our clients the broadest customized solution set and a mindset that the success of our client is absolutely critical.

  1. M&A Advisory

  2. Capital Raising

  3. Special Situations

Merchant Banking

The Ion Pacific team prides itself on being a relentless advocate for our clients and equity partners, and this essential tenet of our ethos drives the way we manage our Merchant Banking business.

We deploy capital in the service of our clients and partners to help foster their success, and allow their needs to drive our approach completely. We focus on those situations where our global perspective is most useful, and where our tailored solutions multiply the value created. Ion Pacific and its partners are able to consider, structure and fund exceptionally interesting opportunities that span the range from debt to equity, from control buyout to minority stakes, from venture capital to mature corporations, from traditional investments to special situations. The possibilities are limitless and the focus is on absolute quality.

  • We are adept at creating novel solutions across the full capital structure, from common equity to convertible instruments to debt. We bring our extensive network of institutional, corporate and high net worth investors to bear as our partners in these deals, thereby ensuring that we are delivering value far beyond the value of the capital itself.

  • When we see an opportunity with characteristics that may merit the creation of a stand-alone fund vehicle to allow direct investment in a unique situation, we work with our partners to assess its quality and viability. The essence of a bespoke fund is its inherent flexibility. Invariably, we partner with prominent experts in the relevant field to work with us in crafting and leading these bespoke fund vehicles, and place the resources, expertise and enthusiasm of the full Ion Pacific team behind our collective efforts.

  1. Traditional Capital

  2. Bespoke Funds

Funds Advisory

Although the process of globalization in financial services has been rapidly accelerating for some time, we believe that there are major opportunities for the fund (General Partner) community to further internationalize their approach to fund creation and management.

As a firm with its roots in Asia our ability to advise our clients—including private equity firms, hedge funds, family offices and other general partners—on the formation and funding of their platform benefits greatly from our ability to act as a bridge between regions, countries and cultures.

  • Both newly formed and existing funds benefit from our ability to work internationally from our Asian base to connect them with high-quality capital pools. The global vision that is an essential part of the Ion Pacific Ethos allows us to work cross-regionally in a highly targeted, customized fashion that takes into account the dynamics that emerge as cultures come together in a shared endeavor.

  • Whether a fund is newly created, a new vintage of an existing fund or an extension of a larger fund family, the Ion Pacific team works with our fund clients to bring a highly novel global perspective to the formation process. In the current global fund environment, an understanding of the ways in which deals and capital flows across borders and around regions is essential to positioning a fund for success.

  • Our Funds Advisory and Investment Banking teams are able to help general partners achieve liquidity events at both fund and, in conjunction with the investment banking team, portfolio company levels. This allows our clients to actively manage the composition of their investor base and to drive investment performance. Fund managers also benefit from access to the high quality deal flow originated by Ion Pacific’s investment and merchant banking activities.

  1. Capital Introduction

  2. Strategic Consulting

  3. Liquidity & Portfolio Solutions